Областное государственное автономное учреждение здравоохранения
Родильный дом №1 г. Томск

Basic information about a medical organization

The regional state Autonomous healthcare institution " Maternity hospital №1 "(OGAUZ" Maternity hospital №1") is a non-profit organization and a state institution.

Maternity hospital No. 1 was founded in 1937 as a maternity hospital.
The purpose of the institution is to provide medical care to the female population.
Maternity hospital No. 1 consists of: a women's consultation for 250 visits per shift; a hospital for 102 beds for 24-hour stays and 40 beds for day stays.
Maternity hospital No. 1 is focused on providing quality medical care, creating comfortable conditions and friendly attitude for patients.

The women's consultation is designed for 400 visits per shift. To date, it has deployed 11 obstetric and gynecological sections, a small surgery room, a procedure room, a clinical laboratory, a therapist's office, an optometrist's office, and a physiotherapy room.
Today, the offices of gynecologists, functional diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics, minor surgery, laboratories, and physiotherapy are equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment that allows you to provide medical care at a high professional level.
The women's clinic has an effective day hospital with 20 beds. In a day hospital, medical termination of pregnancy is performed.
The chief doctor is
Marina Georgievna Andryuhina.
Our address: Tomsk, Lenin Ave., 65

Phones and opening hours:
Reception of the head physician: 53-33-96, Mon.-Fri. 8.00 - 17.00, lunch from 12.30 to 13.30
Andryukhina Marina Georgievna - Deputy Chief Physician for Medical Affairs: 53-56-35
Emergency room of the obstetric department: 52-83-24, around the clock
Emergency room of the gynecological department: 53-13-55, Mon.-Fri. 8.00-16.00, on days of ambulance duty around the clock

Address of women's consultation: Tomsk, st. Soviet, 105

Phones and opening hours:
Call-center: 46-70-20, Mon.-Fri. 8.00-20.00, Sat. 8.00-18.00
Registration: 42-13-17, Mon.-Fri. 8-19.00, Sat. 8.00-18.00
Yury Olegovich Vorobyov, head of the antenatal clinic: 42-13-94, Mon.-Fri. office №35 10.00-12.00

Types of medical care:
  • Collection of obstetric and gynecological anamnesis and complaints
  • Visual inspection of external genitals
  • Bimanual vaginal examination
  • Visual examination of the mammary glands
  • Palpation of the mammary glands
  • Colposcopy
  • Ultrasound examination of the uterus and appendages transabdominal
  • Ultrasound examination of the uterus and appendages transvaginally
  • Ultrasound examination of mammary glands
  • Ultrasound examination of the fetus
  • Medical termination of pregnancy
Family-oriented technologies are practiced in the obstetrics Department. Every year, about 1,200 newborns are born in the maternity hospital. All delivery rooms are individual, fully equipped with all necessary equipment for careful monitoring of the condition of the mother and fetus during childbirth. Newborn children are not separated from their mother from the moment of birth until they are discharged from the hospital.

In the gynecological Department, all types of diagnostic and therapeutic surgical interventions are performed on the pelvic organs, reconstructive plastic surgeries are performed on the pelvic floor for genital prolapse, and surgical laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are widely used. Every year, more than 2,300 patients receive inpatient specialized medical care in the gynecological Department.

Types of medical care:
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Removal of ovarian cysts using video endoscopic technologies
  • Salpingectomy using video endoscopic technologies
  • Dissection and excision of female genital adhesions using video endoscopic technologies
  • Sterilization of fallopian tubes using video endoscopic technologies
  • Ovarian resection using video endoscopic technologies
  • Surgery for prolapse of the anterior wall of the vagina
  • Operations for lowering the back wall of the vagina
  • Median colporraphy
  • The Manchester operation.
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